Writer of Stories.

Writer of Stories.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

research and development

I love that the moment I said I was going to start writing weekly entries because I was in a writer's slump... that's when I get inspired. I've been working on the last two chapters of book one relentlessly since the last time I updated you guys. A lot of things are happening emotionally with my characters because of the events that have happened and I've been working really hard to develop each person's response and the way they handle it individually.

I have been watching a lot of movies concerning loss and the different ways that people deal with it. A big note is that when someone experiences loss, whether it be by death or simply absence, the person either shuts it out or lets it consume them completely. It's very interesting to me to study why people do what they do. Each of my characters experiences loss in one way or another and I've made it a point to identify each of them with it differently so that everyone can relate and understand in some way or form.

There will be much more time spent on this part of the book than any other because I feel that it's the most important. At this point the characters all hit a certain peak in their plot and how they choose to continue is what develops who they are in the future. It's all about choices and I want to make sure that each choice and each path taken is carefully considered and allows me to unfold the rest of their journey in the next two books.