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Writer of Stories.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Announcement Update

Today's announcement is more of a tweak to a previous update. The original plan for next year, along with releasing the first book in The Mind Breaker Accounts, was to release four Small Circles short stories on ebook.  These four novellas are still going to be released in 2015, but instead of staggering their release, they will be bound together in one paperback called Negative Spaces. This is set to be published in November!

Stay tuned for more on The Mind Breaker Accounts, and clues to the surprise novel in 2016!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Next Two Years...

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! I've said this at the beginning of nearly every post, but I can't believe the blog tour has gone by so quickly! This YEAR has gone by even faster! Infinite Limits will be available on Amazon and Kindle on TUESDAY! (So unreal.)

But that's not what I'm here to discuss. I participated in a Google+ Hangout with Ana (analoves.com) and Jaclyn (livinginaworldofbookquotes.wordpress.com) on Friday, and we had a lovely time discussing the Small Circles books!

You can go back and watch it here: http://youtu.be/qx4JEyWZwy0

During the live stream, I mentioned that I had a secret book project in the making, as well as a plan that I somewhat kind of already announced. So, I'll now take the time to properly tell you all the details.

First: In the year 2015, there will be 4 Small Circles short stories released on ebook. The first will be published in March and will be about when Silas and Larson first get reconnected. This story will mostly be from Larson's perspective but will also include a bit of Silas' POV as well. The second story will be available in May, and it will be about when Paxton and Audrina first lost their virginities to each other... from Paxton's POV! The last two will be revealed towards the beginning of the year, so stay tuned!

Second: The secret project is another novel. And it goes along with the Small Circles series. I can't say much about it just yet, but after Infinite Limits is released I'll be able to share more! Mostly, it's because the plot is a major spoiler for the final book. I can say this, it's set sixteen years after the end of Infinite Limits... and it will be the last book involving any of the characters from this series. It will be released in 2016.

Finally, I am still planning the release of the first installment in The Mind Breaker Accounts. That will be in May also, and I'm very excited to start working on the covers with Vania from VLC Photo. If you haven't seen her work, she did the cover design and photography for Silent Echo by Elisa Freilich. You can also view some of her other photos here.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Years and everything else in between! No matter what you celebrate, this time of year is about being with family and friends, so share this season with the ones that mean the most!

It's okay to be happy!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Paxton and Larson (#10InfiniteWeeks)

This will be my final post for the 10 Infinite Weeks blog tour! It's finally week 10, which means Infinite Limits comes out NEXT WEEK! I am on the edge of my seat waiting for you all to be able to read it!

Since I didn't have time to post about Paxton last week, I've decided to post about Paxton and Larson together. More or less, I'll be discussing their friendship.

We know that Paxton met Larson in elementary school. Their connection locked over a blue crayon and a sweater vest. What more can I say, right? Well, most of you that have read the series might think that Larson and Pax's friendship is a bit odd. They are very different. But for some reason it works. Really, it was Larson's extension to offer family that Paxton was so open to. Before, we know that Paxton didn't have the best home life. He didn't have a mother. His father was never around. And he had an arm's length relationship with his grandmother that did most of the providing. When Larson becomes his friend, he's brought into the Ashby home. He sees what a real family could be. Even if it's slightly screwed up in its own ways. I mentioned in previous posts that Paxton's connection with Jade is a healthy one, because she pushes him to face his problems instead of avoid them. That's sort of what Larson does as well. But instead of the girlfriend, his role is the best friend.

We first see the nature of their interactions at the beginning of Small Circles. Paxton is smoking a cigarette, and Larson plucks it from his fingers to remind him that he doesn't need to get another detention. It's those sort of moments that show Larson is there to guide Paxton. We all know he doesn't make the best choices. Let's be real. Paxton chooses (whether subconsciously or not) to surround himself with people that will push him in the right direction. Owen, too. He's a great influence on Paxton. It's the relationship that starts with Audrina that really throws him off. Derails him in a way from the path his should have been on.

It's sort of ironic that when 3 people in Paxton's life die, he assumes the worst. He thinks that the people still there are going to leave too. He pushes Jade away, thinking that eventually she'll just abandon him eventually. He distances himself from Larson because he thinks Silas will take his place. It's almost like he forgets that Larson is there. He complains about being alone and depressed and whatever, but he can't see that Larson has always been there. He's always been a friend, first and foremost. Eventually, this is something that Paxton will have to come to terms with. He will have to understand, first hand, that some people are never going to leave him.

As for Larson, he may act confident and tough all the time, but deep down he really cherishes the camaraderie he's found in his life. His friends are extremely important. That was one of the things that made Larson and Owen so similar. They were both very loyal to their friends. Owen was a bit more open about his willingness to listen and be the guy to lean on. Larson had those qualities too, it was just harder to expose. We see it mostly with Paxton - the person he's known the longest. Between the two of them, the reader can really see a true friendship that's grown solid and strong over time.

Welp. I think that's going to be it for me.  Follow the rest of this week with Ana over at analoves.com
On the Thursday, she will be revealing the final trailer for Infinite Limits, so be sure and check out her blog for the link! I'm also planning to do a live stream with her at some point this week, so stay tuned!


(Josh Brown as Larson Ashby / Drew Taylor as Paxton Graham)