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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Love and Sex (#10InfiniteWeeks)

It's week 4 of 10 Infinite Weeks, so if you're still keeping up, be sure to head over to The Bookworm Corner for updates! HOWEVER, I'm still going to share my own opinion about this week's character...


Charleigh McAfee is definitely a favorite character of mine. I loved creating her, simply because I didn't have anyone with her type of spunk in my books so far. Ninety Degrees was my way of doing something new. Not only is the vibe much different from Small Circles, but I introduced all new characters. Silas, Charleigh, Logan, and Tucker all attend Chattanooga Prep - the rival school to Foster and Allan Academy. Charleigh stands tall as Silas' best friend, and readers can tell from the very beginning that she's someone we all want on our side.

Charleigh has a passion for the arts. She paints and sketches on every surface available to her, including her shoes. She colors her hair with bright colors and wears eccentric jewelry to create a pop of uniqueness within her mandatory school uniform. She has a very blunt view of the world around her, concluding that what's in front of her is all she gets. I needed a character that was not necessarily a pessimist but a realist. Charleigh doesn't swoon over love and relationships like every other girl her age. She doesn't obsess about her clothes and what other people think of her, but at the same time she still has hidden insecurities. She doesn't think she's beautiful. And secretly, she wishes she was skinny. She notices how boys look at other girls and recognizes that she will never be looked at in the same way. But it doesn't upset her. She's accepted it, and she chooses to focus on other things to make her happy.

That is until she involves herself in a triangle between Logan and Tucker.
Logan Brown is her other sidekick. Along with Silas, Logan and Charleigh have been close for years. They're friends. That's it. But despite this, Logan and Charleigh have started hooking up for a bit of benefits on the side. There's no real spark behind it in the beginning. It's just random and fun. But then they take things further than ever. They have sex, and Charleigh doesn't tell Logan that it's her first time. She's never wanted to be with someone like that before, but after this, Charleigh feels an inseparable connection to him. She finds herself actually wanting a boyfriend. But Logan isn't ready for that. And honestly, neither is Charleigh.

She decides to test the waters with another boy, Tucker Watson. She experiments with the ability of two people being able to have a sexual connection and not feel love. The further she goes with Tucker, the more she understands it. Sex is just a feeling. It's physical, and the thing that's drawing her to Logan is something much more powerful. It's love.

Charleigh brings this to light, and eventually comes to terms with what she really wants. If you've read Ninety Degrees, then you know how it ends. I was very happy when writing those scenes. It just felt so natural and so easy because it was meant to be that way.

In other news, today is the release day for IN THE AFTERLIGHT - the final book in Alexandra Bracken's series THE DARKEST MINDS! I'm planning to drop by Barnes and Noble later this afternoon to pick up my copy! Happy reading to everyone that will be joining me!

Another book birthday goes to Michelle Madow for her sequel to The Secret Diamond Sisters, Diamonds In the Rough! Congrats to my fellow YA Mania author!


P.S. Charleigh McAfee has been portrayed by the beautiful Catheryn from The Book Lioness!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 4 (#10InfiniteWeeks)

Week 4 has begun!
If you're wondering where to go next, follow the schedule for the remaining 7 weeks! Today starts Charleigh McAfee's week, and Lauren from The Bookworm Corner will be the one to look to!

Lauren's Blog:




Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Casting Wishlist (#10InfiniteWeeks)

Today is the last day I'll be hosting the 10 Infinite Weeks tour on this blog...
Sad faces all around, I know.
That does NOT mean I won't be posting at all. Every so often, I'll still be throwing in my two cents about the character being recognized each week. After all, I did create them.

As for today, I'm not going to talk about Carter exclusively. There isn't that much more to say about him, so I'm going to use this final platform to fangirl with you all over my top picks for fan-casting ALL of my characters. I posted a list a while back, but it wasn't complete. To this day I'm still a bit iffy on certain choices, but I'm going to share them all regardless. Please feel free to share your own spare change on the issue.

First is LARSON ASHBY. Originally, I was dead set on Callan McAuliffe, but recently I was captivated by not only the look but the acting skill of one Mr. Dane Dehaan. Man! That kid is good! Of course I loved him in The Amazing Spiderman 2, but it was Kill Your Darlings with costar Daniel Radcliffe that really hooked me. If you haven't seen this film, it's definitely a must.

PAXTON GRAHAM was a complete mystery to me until Jaclyn from Living in a World of Book Quotes posted an edit on her Instagram featuring Tom Sturridge! Holy bajesus, this boy is my everything when it comes to Paxton! He may be a bit too old to play a high schooler, but let's be real. They cast 30 year olds to play 16 year olds all the time. Shall we talk about Theo James as Four? No? Okay.

OWEN SPENCER was not hard for me to picture in my mind. From the beginning, I'd imagined Logan Lerman while writing. There's really not much for me to say, because even if you don't agree with my choice, I respectively decline your opinion. Sorry. Logan is bae.

JADE WALBRIDGE was also not a hard choice. I'd thought about Shay Mitchell as a good match for looks, but I wasn't sure about personality. The only thing I've ever seen Shay in is Pretty Little Liars, so I don't have much to judge her on. I have no doubt she'd do well, but if you all know of any other actresses that fit the physical criteria, let me know!

There were two choices for CHARLEIGH MCAFEE. I like both Chloe Moretz and Abigail Breslin for looks, but I have to lean more towards Chloe because she is amazeballs. I can't even express how much I love her.

SILAS MCFULLER is a toughie, but Jaclyn came to my rescue again, steering me towards Joe Dinicol. I've never seen any of his movies before, but just by looks I'm 90% sold. I'd previously considered Ben Levin from As the World Turns, but thought better of it.

LOGAN BROWN could possibly go many different ways. He's a very normal looking boy. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Medium build. Pretty much 50 million dudes look like this in the U.S. alone. But I have to say, I've come to love Dylan O'Brien. You're all going to hate me, but the first time I saw Dylan on screen was when I saw The Maze Runner in theaters. Yeah... I've never watched Teen Wolf. But before you start throwing popcorn, note this: I rarely watch TV at all. I typically watch Netflix and binge on whatever show I desire. The only show I keep up with regularly is Bates Motel, which isn't even on right now. For the longest time Teen Wolf was on Netflix, and I wanted to watch it but never got around to it. Then, when I finally thought about it, they took it away. So, don't blame me, people!

TUCKER WATSON was, and still is, probably the hardest character to imagine in my head. I think it's because I based a lot of his traits on Trent - my future significant other - and picturing him with Charleigh didn't add up in my mind. Instead, while I was writing, I kept him as a figment with blond hair and freckles more than an actual boy. If I were to get specific, I'd say the actor I've considered the most would be Lucas Till. If you've seen the Hannah Montana movie, then you can imagine him as being the perfect farm boy Tucker represents.

AUDRINA ASHBY is definitely Nicola Peltz in my head. Now more so than when I was writing it. While writing Three Sixty, I actually imagined her being similar to my friend Morgan LaFave, which is why I use her for photos! But on the celebrity casting side of things, Nicola is incredible. Most of you might recognize her from Transformers: Age of Extinction. If you know me well, however, you probably have guessed that I snatched this lady up from Bates Motel. It's definitely one of my favorite shows on television right now, and I'm eagerly waiting for season 3!

CARTER ASHBY is Taylor Lautner. K bye.

Alright people of the internet. Thanks for following me on the first 3 weeks of this tour! I hope you learned something. If not, I hope you were at least a little entertained!

Starting tomorrow, Lauren from The Bookworm Corner is going to be hosting, and her character is Charleigh McAfee from Ninety Degrees!


Friday, October 24, 2014

Carter's iPod (#10InfiniteWeeks)

I've had a back story in mind for Carter for a while now - one that goes even deeper than the one mentioned in Three Sixty. Besides the topics already discussed this week, I knew there was something hidden deep in Carter's mind. Or more like his heart. There had to be a special girl. A heartbreak even. My plan was to dive into that history in a short bonus story at the end of Infinite Limits. There were three stories planned, actually, but they didn't make it to the printing process. So, instead, I'm going to be releasing them as a novella collection! Dates are not set for this, so they're basically just going to come out when I feel that they're ready.

The reason why I'm telling you this is because I not only want to stir up your feels, but I also need to set up the following playlist for Carter's character. There are certain songs that might not make sense, based on what you've read so far. So just have faith that eventually it will make sense. For the time being, just imagine what you want. You might be able to figure it out on your own!

1) Letters from the Sky by Civil Twilight 

One of these days the sky's gonna break
And everything will escape and I'll know
One of these days the mountains
Are gonna fall into the sea and they'll know

That you and I were made for this
I was made to taste your kiss
We were made to never fall away
Never fall away

One of these days letters are gonna fall
From the sky telling us all to go free
But until that day I'll find a way
To let everybody know that you're coming back
You're coming back for me

'Cause even though you left me here
I have nothing left to fear
These are only walls that hold me here
Hold me here, hold me here, hold me here
Only walls that hold me here

One day soon I'll hold you like the sun holds the moon
And we will hear those planes overhead
And we won't have to be scared
'Cause we won't have to be scared
We won't have to be, yeah, scared, no

You're coming back for me
You're coming back for me
You're coming back to me
You're coming back for me

2) Kids by Mikky Ekko

Oh, I'm going to let the future in, the future in-
Take it on; make it on my own.
Oh, into the fire we go again, we go again-
Shake it off before we get too old.
Sweet harmony, send us out with nowhere to go
Sweet harmony, secret's out but what do I know

Kids Kids
Kids are gonna do what they want
Kids Kids
Kids are gonna do what they want

Bottling sun in an hourglass
Upside down but don't look back
Over and over
Taking on the wind cause we never learn
Start a fire just to watch it burn
Over and over
Kids Kids
Kids are gonna do what they want
Kids Kids
Kids are gonna do what they want
Sweet harmony kids are gonna do what they want
Sweet harmony kids are gonna do what they want

We know the words but it's not enough, not enough
'Cause no one heard.
Remember we're just kids.

We have the fire now.
As the last light's burning out
Kids are going to do what they want
We have the fire now
As the last light's burning out
Kids are gonna to do what they want
Kids Kids
Kids are gonna do what they want
Kids Kids
Kids are gonna do what they want

3) Sex by The 1975

And this is how it starts
You take your shoes off in the back of my vanYeah my shirt looks so good, when it's just hanging off your backAnd she said 'Use your hands and my spare timeWe've got one thing in common, it's this tongue of mine'She saidShe's got a boyfriend anyway
All we seem to do is talk about sex
She's got a boyfriend anyway
She's got a boyfriend anyway
He's got a funny face
But I like that 'cause he still looks cool
She's got a boyfriend anyway
She's got a boyfriend anyway
And I'm about to fill his shoes
But you say no
You say no
Does he take care of you
Or could I easily fill his shoes?
But you say no
You say no
And you're making your way down
She's got a boyfriend anyway
She's got a boyfriend anyway
If we're gonna do anything we might as well just fuck
She's got a boyfriend anyway
She's got a boyfriend anyway
You're in your high tops any day
You're in your skinny jeans anyway
You and your fit friends anyway
I'd take them all out any day
They've all got back-homes anyway
You've all got boyfriends anyway

There's only minutes before I drop you off
I loved your friend when I saw his film
Now we're on the bed in my room
And now we're just outside of town
And I'm not trying to stop you love
You've got your tongue pierced anyway
You're in your high tops any day
You're in your skinny jeans anyway
You and your fit friends anyway
I'd take them all out any day
They've all got back-homes anyway
You've all got boyfriends anyway

Read more: The 1975 - Sex Lyrics | MetroLyrics 


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Creatures of the Night: Book Tag

I was tagged by Living in a World of Book Quotes! I saw Kat and Christine's videos for this tag on their channels, so I wanted to do this on my channel as well. But currently, I am away from my books. Terrible, I know. I'm in Virginia visiting my cousin, because he will be graduating from college on Saturday! I'm also doing a few Small Circles related things while I'm here, so I'll be out of Tennessee for one week.

Also, if you didn't know, Blue Lily, Lily Blue came out on Tuesday! I ordered my copy through Fountain Bookstore here in Richmond, and it came signed with swag! But it's sitting at home on my desk in Nashville. Not here. So, not only am I away from all my books, I'm away from THIS SPECIFIC BOOK. Which is depressing.

Nonetheless, let's get on to the tag!

1. Vampire
2. Werewolf
3. Zombie
4. Ghost
5. Witch/Warlock/Spell-caster
6. Fairy
7. Demon
8. Angel
9. Alien
10. Super-powered Human


The first series that comes to mind is automatically Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.Mostly because I haven't read anything else involving vampires. I probably should. Maybe I'll get on that later...I have to be honest here. I really, really enjoyed these books when they first came out. The first two, Twilight and New Moon, especially. But by the time books three and four were released, I'd lost interest. I can't really judge. I saw the first movie in theaters seven times. Yes. SEVEN. It was the first thing since Harry Potter I could really get excited about, so I guess that's why. If I didn't say Twilight, though, I'd have to say The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. That series have everything, including vampires. My favorite being Simon Lewis!


We'll just go ahead and acknowledge, right here and now, that I love Maggie Steifvater. Anything and everything she does. So, I feel like I have to say Shiver by default. But then again, this is another case where I haven't read anything else about werewolves, so I don't really have a choice. But wait! The Mortal Instruments also has werewolves! Okay! Go Luke!


I've never read a zombie book.Yep. But I did see the movie for Warm Bodies




Hmmm. Do I really have to think about this? "You're a wizard, Harry."HARRY POTTER is my number one favorite series of all time! It was my first love when it comes to reading. There will never be another wizard I love more than Harry James Potter! But other than that, Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices! He definitely earns warlock of the year.


The Mortal Instruments? Yeah, The Mortal Instruments.


I know what you're thinking. It has to be The Mortal Instruments. Surprisingly, no. My top series with these creatures of the night is Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Laini Taylor is life. "Karou: it meant hope in the language of the enemy."If you haven't read these books, I will warn you that they are high fantasy. Well, I guess mid-fantasy. A good chunk of the book is based in Prague, but once you find out about the crazy amount of other worlds in existence, it's pretty intense.You have to commit! But once you do, I promise it's worth it! The creatures aren't technically called demons. They are chimera, which is half creatures half human. But they're pretty much the representation of demons in all that matters.


I'm going to go for an unexpected choice with this one. One of my favorite series involving angels is Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. This is another book that has mixed reviews, but I couldn't help but love it! It kept me interested until the very end. Even when things got cheesy and weird, I couldn't help but soak it all up! And Patch... 


My favorite alien book is not actually about aliens. It's more sci-fi with a touch of alien life. My choice is These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meghan Spooner.The aliens mentioned in this books are not the typical type we are used to. They're more like spirits than physical beings. But the book is so so so so good!

Super-powered Human

I have no contest with this one. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken.These humans have different levels of mind control that are categorized by color.Read it. That's all I have to say.

I tag, The Book Lioness, The Belle Beauty Blog, and The Bookworm Corner!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why you gotta be so mean? (#10InfiniteWeeks)

I didn't plan to make Carter Walbridge an important character in my books. Originally, I'd only mentioned that Jade had a younger brother - not in much detail. But when I started drafting for Three Sixty, I knew I couldn't pass up using him. He was the perfect younger sibling contrast to Audrina. Also, hooking them up was more or less a guilty pleasure for me. It was too juicy for me to resist. Because of this, once I decided to use Carter in a big way, I knew I needed to come up with a bigger back story. I needed to know more about him. So, I started brainstorming.

I already discussed Carter's school background. He attends public school in Boston and is one year behind Jade. I imagined Jade's freshman year acting like a snowball. It grew throughout the year, building on the rumors due to her pictures being sent around the school. By the time she decided to leave, and it was time for Carter to start his freshman year, the drama that surrounded Jade had grown so much that it trickled down to Carter. Everyone knew who he was - Walbridge is a name that no one is ignorant to - so it was likely that most kids would either make fun of him for being connected to her, or they would worship him and try to get close through proxy. It turned out to be a little of both. Carter decided to squash the nonsense right away. From the get-go, he made it clear that being connected to Jade did not give others free passes into her pants. His friends had to learn this, and eventually accepted it. In a way, he was actually protecting Jade. As the reader will find out in Infinite Limits, Carter's capability to show compassion is a constant surprise. Even to Jade.

We already know that Carter eventually becomes king of the school. He rules his high school kingdom, getting the girls and the grades he doesn't deserve. We also know about his decision to escape to Tennessee and his lapse in judgement with Audrina Ashby. So, what is it that we don't know?

In Three Sixty, I acknowledge that Carter does have friends. His best friend is Thomas, and just like Carter, he is a dick. There is a specific point at which this occurs, and it's partially Thomas' fault. When Carter was younger, he had another friend that he spent all of this time with. They got along great and shared lots in common. Except for money. When Thomas comes along and introduces himself, he's very certain to note this to Carter. He explains that his money is the same as Carter's money. Basically, their families are on the same level. Carter's other friend is not on this level. Somehow, even at such a young age, the boys are able to separate themselves based on wealth and social status. Thomas has the bigger TV. He has all the newest video games and signed sports memorabilia. This is apparently worth a friendship to Carter, so it takes Thomas up on his extended hand. Over the years, they actually do become close. And I can confidently say that you will meet Thomas in Infinite Limits...

Alright. So other than the douche-baggy friends and the technical jealousy of Jade, Carter really doesn't have an excuse to act the way he does. Maybe he's just mean for the sake of being mean.

No. I wholeheartedly disagree.
Carter is an asshole. But it's not because he's mean. It's because he's HONEST.

I was so relieved to have a character speak their mind at the drop of a hat. Larson was definitely not shy about his opinions, but he still had a conscious. Carter does not. He doesn't care if he hurts someone's feelings. All he can comprehend is that he's stating a fact. He's pointing out the ugly truth for what it is. That's why I was actually entertained by his comments at the end of Three Sixty. When he calls out Audrina and her friends, saying they're like an after school special, I actually laughed out loud. Because it's true. These people have more drama in their lives than an episode of Gossip Girl. And even though it's tough stuff - even though these things really do happen - at some point we have to be able to step back and be amused. We all have to acknowledge the ridiculous sometimes, and that's what Carter Walbridge is there for.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post some songs and random facts for you all! Thanks again!
Remember: it's ok to be happy!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cardrina? (#10InfiniteWeeks)


Today, I am here to discuss the property which is "Cardrina". At least, that's what I've decided to call them. I honestly don't think these two characters have a ship name, because unless you are a masochist, I don't think anyone ships Carter with any human being... yeah.

So, the reason I chose to allow this insane relationship to occur is simple. At the time, Audrina felt that her only weapon to wield was jealousy. Carter, at the time, was the only boy within reach. He didn't seem like someone who would mind being used, so she allowed the inevitable to occur. They flirted - audaciously in front of Paxton - messed around, and eventually hooked up. It doesn't take long for Paxton to catch on to the game Audrina is playing. He approaches her, specifically noting that if she's trying to get his attention, it's working. But not in the way she wants. It's making him angry more than jealous. Paxton, despite his conflict of interest, still sees Audi as being a friend above anything else. First and foremost, he will protect her from anything and anyone that might be of harm. Paxton recognizes Carter's bad boy nature and warns Audrina to stop what she's doing.
"Don't fuck with him just because you can."

Meanwhile, it seems that Carter is fully aware of his being a pawn. He seems perfectly okay with being the tool that makes Paxton miserable. As I was writing, part of me considered that Carter never liked Paxton from the beginning. It sounds terrible, but he hated seeing his sister so happy. Jade's ability to move away from home and start over with her life while still managing to find love makes Carter spiteful. This is how the reader finds out what Carter's real motive is by leaving Boston to stay with Jade over the summer.

At this point, the reader is like, "They don't get along, so why is Carter willing to stay three months with her and attend the same college?"

I get it. It does sound odd. But what Carter really wants is to do the exact same thing Jade did. She had a life she didn't necessarily want for herself. So, she stepped away. She moved to a different state, attended a new school, made new friends, and fell in love. As content as Carter seems with his popularity and his social status, by now he's starting to realize that he may be stuck with it forever. How cliché right? The popular boy doesn't want to be popular anymore. But it's true. If he stays in Boston, the meaningless life of parties and sex and wasting time will all be permanent. He may never actually make something of himself. He may never grow up and find real happiness. By staying with Jade over the summer, Carter is trying to copy her. He's trying to start fresh. But Audrina manages to screw with that plan.

When Carter is first introduced to Audrina, there is a natural instinct inside of him that wants to try and catch her. He wants to see how easy it would be to make her want him. Little does he know, Audrina is already trying to do the same to him. So, why would they not be perfect together? They are both using each other for the complete wrong reasons. Both of them are trying to gain something for themselves. Carter is avenging is pride while Audrina is toying with Paxton's heart. For just a split second, the reader might consider the two to be a perfect match. If, at this point, you didn't like Audrina, you probably thought this. But here's the thing: she actually steps away to be the bigger person in the end. Carter doesn't. After diving so deep in between the complication of Paxton and Audrina's relationship, Carter realizes he wants out. But he doesn't do it nicely. He becomes fed up with all of the drama surrounding him and finally sees that what he became a part of was exactly what he'd wanted to leave behind back home.

If you've read Three Sixty, you know how this ends.
Paxton and Carter's brawl was one of my favorite scenes to write. This was my way of beating the shit out of someone that deserves it - in a literary sense, of course. While it was fun for both me and the reader, the action brought about a very consequential reaction. Paxton's choice to defend Audrina brings about a new worry in Jade - one that was already starting to bloom. By the end of the book, the reader isn't quite sure where the story is going to go, but I can promise that we'll be picking up right where we left off. We don't find out the rest of Carter's fate until the very end, but Infinite Limits is sure to answer a lot of questions.

Thanks again for being so patient with me, guys!
I've had a very busy week, so it's been hard to keep up with posting every day.
I've made sure to make it up to you though by sharing part 2 of the TMI Tag video! Here it is!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Carter Walbridge (#10InfiniteWeeks)

I can't believe it's already week 3 of this blog tour! This will be the last week I host on my own blog, so next week I'll be handing the torch over to Lauren from The Bookworm Corner!  She'll be sharing everything about Charleigh McAfee from Ninety Degrees! I'll still be sharing a few special things on my social media accounts, so don't forget about me completely!

As for this week, we're talking about Carter. Yes, the younger brother of Jade Walbridge that we all love to hate. There had to be at least one character in the Small Circles books to raise negative emotions, right? Carter isn't necessarily the antagonist of the story, but he's most certainly annoying as hell. There are plenty of reasons why Carter sucks, and I'll have an entire week to dive into them, but for now let's start with who this Walbridge is...

When I created Carter, he was merely mentioned in Small Circles. It is narratively noted that Jade's brother is a typical teenage boy that loves video games and arguing with his sister. I also explained why they attend different schools. Both Jade and Carter were given the option to attend boarding school starting in ninth grade, and they both said no. Incidentally, Jade's decision changes a year later. This is after private pictures of Jade are leaked around their high school, creating an uncomfortable environment for her and Carter. She chooses to take the opportunity her parents gave her and leaves for Chattanooga to start her sophomore year at Foster and Allan Academy.

Carter does not want to go to boarding school. I explain in Three Sixty that he doesn't want to abandon the kingdom he's built for himself. By his senior year, Carter and his best friend have risen all the way to the top of the food chain. Teachers adore them. Students worship them. There's a bit more than popularity to it, but more of that is explained in the books.

The biggest part of Carter that I wanted to touch on today is his relationship with Jade. Unlike the Ashbys, Jade and Carter Walbridge do not have a storybook connection. They don't get along at all, and sibling rivalry is not only to blame. In Infinite Limits, the reader will find out how Jade's mishap her freshman year affected Carter. The rumors about her did more than just damage Jade's self-esteem. Carter's image was also tattered, as well as one of Jade's closest friends at the time. We'll meet her in the final book.

Back to the Ashbys.
I portrayed Larson and Audrina as being more like best friends than siblings. They share everything with one another. They confide in each other on their struggles and their fears. They know all the details about each other's love and hate. It's a closeness that Jade and Carter do not share. I really enjoyed writing those two contrasting relationships. It was enlightening to see two families that are very similar in many ways still be so incredibly different. Money is still a major factor when defining who these people are and what they can accomplish in the world, but what's interesting is seeing how it rounds them in different ways. Both the Ashbys and the Walbridges have good and bad qualities, and this makes for the perfect compare/contrast situation.


When Carter and Audrina have their run-in in Three Sixty, it's almost as if these two worlds collide. Carter's life back home - one we find out he actually wants to escape from - is suddenly right in front of him. Audrina reminds Carter of exactly the thing he's trying to rid himself of. What is that exactly? I'll share more in tomorrow's post!

I won't be online until tomorrow evening, so don't be alarmed if the post doesn't show up until then. Throughout this week, I'll share everything I know about Carter and Audrina, Carter's toxic personality, and what the future holds for him.

Thanks for reading!


Friday, October 17, 2014

Sports, Pets, & Pop Culture (#10InfiniteWeeks)

I've had more than one person ask for random facts about the characters I'm posting about. So, today I'm going to take that notion and spin it into something a little different. Each book has a copious amount of real world references, whether it's about movies or television, video games or sports. Some time before, I told you all that these books take place in real time. If you bought them and read each book as it was released, you were reading them in the current year that things take place. Tossing in references to pop culture here and there helped remind the reader of this, but I'll remind you of some today.

I mentioned once or twice in Ninety Degrees that the gang used to spend a lot of their time at the skate park when they were younger. Mostly, it was Charleigh and Logan taking part - Logan on the board and Charleigh on the blades. Silas also hung out there, but a lot of his time was taken up by sports. Tucker, Silas, and Dakota all play baseball in the novel. Baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch, so I knew I wanted to use it for some of my characters eventually. Ninety Degrees was the perfect opportunity. In Small Circles, I didn't want to tie the characters down to extracurriculars. It took away from everything else that was going on. I threw in some sports here and there, having both Larson and Paxton be part of the dive team at one point or another. And Owen's role in playing lacrosse was obviously a big part of the storyline. But there are plenty of teenage boys whose world revolves around sports, so I knew I needed to tack that onto someone's character. I was able to do that in Ninety Degrees.

Other than sports, there are several sources of entertainment for all of the characters in the books. The boys from Small Circles spend most of their time playing video games and watching movies. Foster and Allan is a boarding school, so once curfew strikes, the students are stuck in their dorm building until morning. I managed to throw in several references to some of my favorite movies and series throughout all the books. This was important to me because I am a massive fan of film and television.
A well-noted reference that most people tend to remember is the film Rubber. Yes, this is a real movie featuring a tire named Robert that goes on a killing spree, slaughtering everyone that crosses him with his psychic powers. My friends and I came across this gem while skimming through Netflix one night. We had no clue what it was, but we had to at least try it. I imagined my characters doing the same. When you're bored, Netflix is a great go-to.

Another one of my favorites references is a quote that Larson mentions from the cult classic Airplane"I take [my coffee] black, like my men."
There are a few other lines from movies dropped in Three Sixty, Ninety Degrees, and Infinite Limits. See if you can catch them!

Really, there's only one other thing I wanted to touch on. Once, I had a friend ask me why I never mentioned any pets in Small Circles. At first, I was like, CRAP! But then I realized I had subconsciously left them out on purpose. For most of the book, the characters are at boarding school. Then, they're at college. Their home life isn't a big part of the story until the other books, so it made sense that pets wouldn't be part of it. I also, for some reason, didn't picture them with any pets. In Three Sixty, however, Silas having a dog named Molly made perfect sense. So, if anyone was wondering why there's only one dog mentioned in all of the books... that's why.

I won't be able to post anything tomorrow, but hopefully you learned enough about Logan to sustain! Until next week! Sunday I'll be posting about Carter Walbridge: the boy we all love to hate!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Logan's Fear of Change (#10InfiniteWeeks)

The journey to developing Logan's character started with a little bit of inspiration from someone very close to me. There's this boy, and his parents don't have the best relationship. They don't want to get divorced, but they don't get along at all. Really, they've stayed together for the sake of the children, but in my eyes, I don't see that as being very beneficial to the children at all.

I took this and applied it to Logan Brown. My idea was that Logan was surrounded by people choosing to settle into their lives. They take whatever is handed to them and deal with it. His parents, for example: they refuse to separate and make themselves happy. They feel as if they are stuck, and their excuse is to allow Logan to have two parents in his life, making things are normal as possible. But would it not be better to have two happy parents apart than two miserable parents together? This is something that has always bothered me, seeing it for myself in the lives of people I know. I wanted to reflect that into my book somehow, so that's why I chose to apply it to Logan's life.

When Logan is first introduced in Ninety Degrees, he gives off the same vibe as Paxton from Small Circles. I wanted the reader to see those similarities but also eventually come to realize that he's much different. Death has followed Paxton his entire life. First with his father, then his grandmother, and eventually with Owen. Paxton feels as these events are completely out of his control. They are, of course, because life happens. But what Paxton doesn't understand is that he can take the initiative to make his own life worth while. Live it to the fullest, instead of sinking into a hole of depression. Logan Brown has this same issue. He feels as if the life he was born into was out of his control, and instead of making the best of it, he settles just like his parents. He settles into something that he thinks will never change, and eventually grows accustomed to that. This is what makes him different: he depends on that normalcy so much that eventually he develops a fear that it will change.

Logan settles for not doing well in school, because so far putting in that extra effort hasn't gotten him anywhere. He settles for working as a drug mule, because it's easy and it's there. He settles for not fighting for the girl he loves, because he'd rather have her in his life as a friend than to lose her completely. The biggest change we see in Logan is his ability to let Charleigh in. Yes, he was scared to dive into something so serious. Yes, he'd never looked at her that way before, so it was difficult. But what it really comes down to is this: Logan has a fear of change.

I imagined Logan's parents having those same fears. That's why they choose to stay together and be miserable versus seeking something different. They've settled because they don't know anything else. For Logan, all he's known are his two best friends. Charleigh and Silas have always been just that. Friends. Not only has Logan never been in a serious relationship before, but he's never considered Charleigh to be a candidate for such. Jealousy is what it takes for him to see the light. Opening his heart and falling for someone is the hardest thing Logan will ever do. In order to be with her, he has to accept the idea that things might not work out. He has to acknowledge that taking a leap is more worthwhile than standing still. This is what I love most about Logan's character growth. He takes the ultimate leap, doing something he would have never done for anyone else. He becomes that person, a "boyfriend" for Charleigh, complete with flowers and candles. She's the only girl that could have ever made him do something so unnatural to his typical behavior, and that's why they are a perfect match.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Small Circles Book Teaser

If you haven't had a chance to read Small Circles, I suggest you grab it before the release of Infinite Limits on December 16th! Hopefully, if you haven't read it, this is the first post you've seen on my blog, and you haven't been too terribly spoiled. Nonetheless, enjoy this little book teaser that might spark your interest!

"Owen's Message"

TMI Tag (#10InfiniteWeeks)

Today's post is another video featuring Lauren Lyle! This is part 1 of 2 where we answer random questions about ourselves that you may or may not want to know. Enjoy!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Logan's iPod (#10InfiniteWeeks)

The following are a few songs that specially stand out as relating to Logan....

"Keep Me High" by Adaline.
In my mind, I heard this song playing in the background
the first time Logan and Charleigh sleep together.

Oh my love
See my blood red for you
A dried sponge
Suddenly wet from you

My red lips
Shy and ready for you
My pale skin
You want my pale skin, love

Can you keep me high, high love
Can you keep me high, high love
Can you keep me high, high love

You’re as fine
As a Polynesian smile
We’ve been asleep
Asleep for far too long

Come here close
Almost enough to touch
In and out
You keep my in and out


Can you keep me high, high love
Can you keep me high, high love
Can you keep me high, high love

You break me
The pull is stronger than the push
You break me
The pull is stronger than the push
You break me
The pull is stronger than the push
You break me
Your pull is stronger than you push

"Culture Vulture" by Morning Parade 
is a song I fit into Logan's personality. It's like his anthem. 
The lyrics are spot on and the pulse of it really moves his stride. 

Numbers turn to money
Ain't it funny how we're built
To spend the whole of our lives running
Number crunching on assumption
There's reason in repeating rhymes
And throwing keys and swapping wives
As long as it's within the privacy
Of our own private lives

Stuck with no direction
Seeking everyone's attention
Out for his or hers affection
For I've got the recollection
No Viagra, no erection
No insurance, no protection
And no cure and no prevention
Did you ever think to mention

A smaller house, a smaller town
where plain old gossip does the rounds
Giant fish in tiny ponds
Where nothing's really going on
And everyone knows everyone
And everybody's goings-on
And everyone wants everyone
To try to fuck to get along


The booze will cut you loose
If even for a day or two or three
Or four or five or six or ten
You'll never be the same again
And people won't remember you
Your children and your children's too
We alone can contemplate
And dig the hole for their remains

Do I have you so innate
And so uptight, yeah
Do I have you so innate
And so uptight

I hope I sleep tonight
I hope I sleep tonight
I hope I sleep tonight
I hope I sleep tonight

So then you change the channel
Turn your cheek and look the other way
Your life now on hiatus
Checks the status of your friend's new says
Tell them all about those bags
Tell them all, but do be frank
Tell them all those people died
Let's see what's on the other side

And no one cares 'cause no one minds
'Cause everybody's filled their time
With everything that's going on
And on and on and on and on
And on until the end of time
No way to know about what's right
Growing up and getting older
Just another culture vulture

"Cardiac Arrest" by Bad Suns
This is a song that really sums up Logan's feelings towards Charleigh. 
He's not sure how much of himself to invest in the relationship.
But he's caught up in her, and loses himself every time.

I’ve been tryin’ to keep my grip, yeah I think I’m over this
I can hear it now, oh no, oh no-o
Yeah my tongue will let it slip, why’d I do those things I did
I can taste it now, oh no, oh no-o

I’ll try my best, how much do I invest?
Like cardiac arrest, high voltage in her lips
I’ll try my best, how much do I invest?
Like cardiac arrest, high voltage when we kiss.

My innards turn, your eyes, they roll. I’ll be there to take the fall
I can feel it now, oh no, oh no-o
Same old story since day one, but I’ve got no place to run
I can see it now, oh no, oh no-o

I’ll try my best, how much do I invest?
Like cardiac arrest, high voltage in her lips
I’ll try my best, how much do I invest?
Like cardiac arrest, high voltage when we kiss

(Oh, woah)
High voltage in her lips, they catch me when I slip
(Oh, woah)
High voltage in her lips, they catch me when I slip

I’ll try my best, how much do I invest?
Like cardiac arrest, high voltage in her lips
I’ll try my best, how much do I invest?
Like cardiac arrest, high voltage when we kiss

(Oh, woah)
(Like cardiac arrest, high voltage in her lips) (Oh, woah)
(Like cardiac arrest, high voltage when we kiss)
I’ll try my best, how much do I invest?
Like cardiac arrest, high voltage in her lips, I’ll try my best…

For more songs from the Ninety Degrees playlist, visit my soundcloud!
Tomorrow's post will be another video featuring Lauren Lyle!