Writer of Stories.

Writer of Stories.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day! (here's what's happening...)

It's been a long time.

Sorry for neglecting my blog, but things have been intense lately. The past several weeks have been tough, and most of you reading this will know why. I'm doing slightly better when it comes to my health, but as far as my drive... I'm still trying to get it going. Dealing with all of this personal crap has really thrown me off my game. I'm tired all day every day, and 70% of the time my body is in pain. On bad days, writing gets placed on the back burner, and my priorities lack any creativity. There are some days, however, when I feel confident. The past few days for example, I've been hanging out at Barnes and Noble and plowing through accounts for INSTEAD OF THIS. If I've got enough Americanos running through my system, I can usually get several thousand words out. It's the motivation that's killing me.

My plan was to have the third Mind Breaker book published on March 1st, and I'm really REALLY hoping that I can do that. But here's the catch. There will not be advanced copies available for street team members this time around. I will have 5 review copies that I'm sending out to a pre-selected group of bloggers later in the month after it's been released. After IoT is released, I will be working full time on Negative Spaces. That is slated to be released in June. If all goes well, my next plan is to start writing a secret project that I will be querying to agents. That's right, folks. I'm picking back up on the querying game! This particular story might be familiar to those of you that are signed up for my street team newsletter. I sent out the premise for this story several months ago, and most of you got back to me with great feedback! Contemporary is big right now, and we ALL know that contemporary is MY THING, so hopefully we can make something happen.

I'll try to keep you guys updated on the status of everything as much as I can, but just know that the dates I've given you are not set in stone. These are my goals, and I'm crossing my fingers that nothing hinders me from being able to release all of the books coming out on time. Thanks for your patience as always. You are the very best! xx