Writer of Stories.

Writer of Stories.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


It's an incredible feeling when someone trusts you with their secrets - with their struggles and their heartbreak. It's an even better feeling when that person is a complete stranger, brought into your life because of the words you wrote for the world to see.

I've known from the beginning that my goal in writing YA fiction was to connect with as many people as possible. I wanted to tell stories about real teenagers dealing with real problems. There are so many young people out there in the world dealing with so many different things. I thought, as I was writing, that not everyone has someone to turn to with their hardships, especially one that can relate. Even if it's just a fictional character from a story, knowing there's someone else out there in the same situation makes a world of difference. Characters like Paxton, Larson, Owen, and Jade have made such an impact on my readers, and I'm so so thankful that I was able to create that outlet.

I've heard stories of depression and heartache and self-doubt. It's crazy that something created in my own imagination could mean so much, but it means I've done my job right.

To all of my fans, know that everything I write is for you. Know that I'm always here to listen. Message me any time on any social media site, or just email me. I'm not that far away. I'll make the time to hear you out, because everyone deserves to be happy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Amazing things are happening here!

There are two very exciting things happening in May!

First off, my newest novel, Ninety Degrees, will be officially released on May 20th!

Second, that weekend on Sunday the 25th, I'll be celebrating with my Nashville fans at the Starbucks on West End Ave. 1 pm!
Come hang out and chat with me about Small Circles and all the other books in the Foster & Allan collection! I'll be answering all of your dying questions, including spoilery ones. So, if you haven't finished Small Circles, you might want to catch up ; )
Also, if you come, you'll get one of the beautiful posters I'm holding in the picture!

I hope to see some new faces!