Writer of Stories.

Writer of Stories.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mumford and sons - White blank page

This song has brought me tons of inspiration. It gives me goosies when I listen to it. Particularly it makes me think about a certain character pairing in the 2nd book that hasn't been revealed yet ; ) Hope this makes you excited! If not enjoy a good song anyways!

Songs on Repeat

These are some of my absolute favorite songs right now.

Thought I would share.

  1.) Ed Sheeran - Sunburn (when is this not one of my favorites?)

  2.) The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die

  3.) Gabrielle Aplin - Home

  4.) Gabrielle Aplin - Panic Cord

  5.) Mumford & Sons - White Blank Page

  6.) Mumford & Sons - Timshel

  7.) Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man

  8.) Nina Nesbitt - The Apple Tree

  9.) Nina Nesbitt - Hold You

10.) Nina Nesbitt - Noserings & Shoestrings

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Official Book 2 Back Cover Description

The Mind Breaker Accounts - Book 2

When we last left the Mind Breakers there were many questions unanswered and numerous troubles looming in their midst. Denni and Jack’s supposed relationship has hit the pause button due to a special friend from Jack’s past. Liz has lost more than just a sense of who she is. Amos is either missing or dead, no one’s quite sure. And as for Alivien, we’ve yet to really see what this rambunctious redhead is capable of. Now that Cox has been taken into custody you’d think this group of unique beings would have one less thing to worry about. That, however, would not be the case. There are still three other Mind Breakers whose stories have not been told and there are rumors surfacing that there is still someone helping Cox from the inside. Liz seems to know the secret but Jack is weary to hear that the double agent could very well be his best friend. There's a new threat lingering in the distance and it stinks of betrayal. But don't forget, it's not just one foe that's looking for them now.

** The title of Book 2 will be released in a video blog later this week! Be on the look out! For now enjoy the official summary that will appear on the back cover of the book!**

Long Time No Updates

Hello all!

Yet again I've gone too long without posting. I've found it a lot easier to tweet little bits of info every so often instead of sitting down and blogging a whole paragraph. I feel like I've been telling you the same things: I've been writing but there's still a lot to go. But today I actually have news!!! So here it is in a nutshell.....

I did finish another teaser trailer for Without Me which is posted on my Youtube channel (NEW!!!!) and on the blog. I also have a very exciting announcement! I will be announcing the title of the second book in The Mind Breaker Accounts Series. It will be announced in a video blog that I plan on posting sometime this week!

That is another bit of news. I've updated my Youtube channel that I hadn't been on in 3-4 years. I decided that instead of sharing my fiancé's account I should just have my own. I already had a google account login because of this blog so it only made sense. Anyone who's looked at my channel to see the other trailers might have seen a video from back in the day about long distance relationships.... don't judge me. I was young. And bored. Maybe it'll make you laugh.

Next week I'll be in Florida so there won't be anything new on my blogs and channel. I'll be sure to tweet as much as possible though. (P.S. Anyone who wants up to the minute updates should follow me on Twitter @megan_duke because that's what I use the most)

Thanks for listening! Look for a video blog to pop up soon!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Update & Ed

Hello all! It's been a bit since I've filled you in on what's happening inside the world of me. Seeing as nothing that interesting has happened, that might be why I've neglected to provide you with a recent update. But none the less here I am now!

This past month has been filled with LOTS OF FOCUS on writing. I bold that because I honestly have been trying to focus but have somewhat failed. Things have been distracting me such as.... ummm ED SHEERAN.... and what was that other thing? Oh yeah, ED SHEERAN!!!! If you don't love him and his music then in turn you don't love me and well that's just wrong, is it not? I've been promoting his music like crazy through social networking and trying to expose him to people in the Nashville area. I've already seen him once this year but he's back again this month and will be doing a free gig at Third & Lindsley June 18th so come check it out! I'll be there of course, so if you've got no where else better to be then you most certainly can come hangout with me and listen to awesome music.

(you should probably follow him on twitter @edsheeran)

As for me and my writing career, the time I have spent concentrating on writing I've actually gotten a lot done. I just spent the last two weeks of my life writing the LONGEST CHAPTER EVER in Liz's point of view. Now, you've heard me mention this before that Liz is my favorite character, but god is it hard to stay in her head for too long. So much happens at this particular point in the book that could only be told my her, so it ended up being a very long and excruciating process. It is done though and now for the next week or so I'll be in Jacktown. (Yes, that means I'm going to be writing in Jack's POV)

That's all for now. If anything more noteworthy happens I'll be sure to let you know!
Don't forget that the paperback version of Without Me is now $9.99 on amazon.com!