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Stories From Foster and Allan - Meet the Characters

Audrina Ashby has always been known as Larson's little sister. That is, after Jade came along. Beforehand, she was the fourth spoke in the wheel that was her small circle of friends. She was never close with the kids in her own grade, and after losing her virginity to her brother's friend Paxton, she becomes more in need of connecting with his friends than ever before. Just like Larson, her confidence sometimes comes across in the wrong way, but her bitchy side stems from deeper roots. Feeling replaced is only the start of what Audrina feels on a daily basis.

Carter Walbridge has always had everything handed to him in every aspect of his life. At home, he is the perfect son that can do no wrong. At school, he is the popular kid that is always spotted at every major party and has sway on all his teachers. But after witnessing his sister so successfully hit the reset button, Carter leaves his social status behind and begins a search for something better to make him feel whole. That is, until he meets the exact type of girl he's been trying to get away from.

Charleigh McAfee doesn't appreciate herself. She's used to doing things on her own and getting her way. Her best friend, Silas, has always been able to understand her, but their connection frays when she comes across a transfer student at Chattanooga Prep. Their friendship turns into something dangerous and desired for by Charleigh's curiosity. Never once did she ever considered that a boy would go out of his way to be with her - to show her that she's beautiful in more ways than one. 

Jade Walbridge was known as "the easy one" at her old school. After having naked pictures of herself sent around to half of the boys in her grade, she was given the option of starting over, so she took it. Transferring to Foster and Allan in her sophomore year brings about a new group of friends. Meeting Larson, Owen, and Paxton exposes her to a world of acceptance and true friendship, but soon after developing a relationship with these boys, she is threatened with the very thing that ruined her image before. Will she repeat her mistakes, or will she actually find love?

Larson Ashby has always known who is he. Being gay might be a major part of his life, but he's never let that define him as a person. His confidence often comes across as self-indulgence, but his closest friends know him to be loyal and brave. His lack of commitment to any relationship has served as a buoy, floating him through life without the need for strings. Over time, however, he develops feelings for someone he never thought was an option. Maybe having a boyfriend isn't so bad after all.
Owen Spencer is the go-to guy when it comes to anything. He's always there to give advice and is the first to say "it gets better" in any situation. He's the poster image for an All-American boy, but inside he feels just as lost as the ones he tries to help. He's never had luck when it comes to dating girls, and after an incident at one of his best friend's birthday party, he questions whether or not it's because he was never interested in the opposite sex.

Paxton Graham has never known his mother, and his father - a man he didn't have that great of a relationship with from the start - has just committed suicide. Besides dealing with the abandonment of his mother and the death of his father, his grandmother is diagnosed with cancer. It seems like everyone in his life is destined to leave. That is except for Larson - his best friend. 

Silas McFuller is the keeper of everyone's secrets. He's the only one in his family that knows about his mother's affair. He's the only person to see that his father's last priority is the McFuller household. He's the only one his sister can talk to about her dreams. All of that, and he's keeping secrets of his own. No one know's about his relationship - if you can call it that - with Dakota Sterling, but Silas is done keeping secrets. Before he flies the nest, he's ready to tell all.