Writer of Stories.

Writer of Stories.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

I raise a toast to you: my weakness. This sip of wine will lower your blow. Ignorance is bliss when you alone control who knows. I've raised the curtain and certainty stand at center-stage. It blows kisses to the crowd on their feet, yet still manages to destroy stop signs at four way streets. Certainty alone cannot make wise the simple. Pupils blind sighted by fog and feelings determined only by touch; these things destroy the mind. It is these things that make you wish that texture of cloth and smoothness of skin still lingered. Your biggest secret lies between his teeth. Only such promises you're unwilling to keep. In darkness and behind closed doors, solutions overcome you and themselves. I need you to turn me face down: only so that i might not see what i have done. Go forth and rest this case.
I strive for more than punches and failed exertions.
Can't you believe that this satisfies you as much as me... I'd like to thank you for being so addicting. End scene.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Watching Jordan

If you've been to the sun-ripe side of the river, then you've seen Mr. Jordan.
With his velvet locks and Grey roots, his awkward sway as he steps.
He'll be carrying a fisher's pole horizontal across his broad shoulders.
For so long the shape of the pole has rested there,
Now indenting itself into his deadened posture.
A half empty bucket at his side, he waits and watches
For the twinkle of fin to catch his eye.
The bait is fidgety now and ready to be called to its fate.
The sun now starting to wrinkle his skin for it is thrice the hour.
Sweat pouring down his brow, he never moves until the precise moment
Of switch and engage -
No pressure of anticipation will break his concentration.
His muscles twitch.
Ready to make his move.
Then with a sudden leap it flies out of the wave
And back under again right as he casts out the line.
White knuckles grabbing the handle,
Ready to fight for his pride.
It will be his first catch if he makes this right;
He'll have a prize to take home for once in his river-side life.
If you stay long enough, you'll see him struggle with the line
As if his life were attached on the other side.
But he won't last long.
His tiredness overwhelms his aged body
And soon he is forced to give up.
It's an experience to watch Mr. Jordan.
For if you've seen him once,
You know he'll be back again tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

To my mistress THE BRIDGE:

Leave me not in the path of your dangerous ways.

You of all should know that I am not strong.

Your foundation will bring forth many possibilities.

My choice will be to cross your lengthy size.

Before long you will crumble.

Turning back I shall not side.

I am on the other leg now.

To my mistress THE BRIDGE:

I don't feel well.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Think I'd Be A Child

If I was to ever expose myself for the world to see -
I think i'd be a child...

I wake up and see my once neatly folded bed sheets skattered about me in a balled up pattern. I see my chosen outfit for the day. It is a powder blue Easter-like dress ruffled at the sleeves. Such innoscence gathered about in a flowing cotton vestido.

I hear your soft footsteps inching closer to my bedroom.
I look at you and you smile.
Mothers always tend to know exactly when you're ready to wake up.
They must get this tingly feeling down in their feet that travels to their fingers and up to the brain signaling the mid morning movements of their only child.
I hope I get such powers.

I am woman again.
I wake up to see my once neatly folded bed sheets skattered about me in a balled up pattern. I see my chosen outfit for the day. It is a powder blue business suit. Such power gathered about in standard work attire.

I hear your soft breathing next to me.
I look at you and you smile.
Husbands always tend to wake up at the same time as their partners.
They must get this bubbly feeling deep in their abdomen that curns up to their lungs and evaporates to the mind. It must signal the first look at the world when their wife opens her eyes to the morning.
I imagine such powers are nice to have.

If I was to ever expose myself for the world to see -
I think i'd be a child.
Things just seem a lot simpler.